Postfix vs. sendmail (updated)

Currently I’m stuck installing the Postfix MTA (full featured with TLS / SSL, SASL and so on) on a mail server. I could do this job using sendmail in no time (I’m used to sendmail) but I decided to give Postfix a chance.
Of course I have books and a lot of links to manuals, how-to-, readme- and whatever helpful documents, but: it doesnt work. Maybe it’s the SuSE 9.1 Linux distribution I use, maybe it’s the CyrusSASL version (2.1.18) I have. I don’t know.
If you ever had success in getting Postfix 2.0.19 with CyrusSASL, SSL / TLS, PAM and so on running on a SuSE Linux 9.1 and you know a good source of information – drop me a note.

Update 1: It seems that in SuSE Linux Postfix is always searching for the saslauthd socket in the root-jail path – which is /var/spool/postfix/var/run/sasl2/ – even if you do NOT start Postfix chrooted. Hmm. What to say, took me quite some time to figure that out.

Update 2: Do not test your setup using Microsoft Entourage 10.x (Entourage 2004 works fine)! I finally resolved all problems. It seems to be a bug in Entourage that does not try to authenticate if the connections has been established via TLS / SSL. So you will always get a »relaying denied« message.

Update 3: Read »7.39 Why doesn’t Entourage work at all?« to learn that Entourage also has some known problems with the IMAP protocoll.