A Closer Look at YUI 3.0 PR 1: Dav Glass’s Draggable Portal Example

A Closer Look at YUI 3.0 PR 1: Dav Glass’s Draggable Portal Example: „

YUI 3.0 Preview Release 1 was made available on Wednesday, and with it we provided a look at how the next major iteration of YUI is taking shape. Among the elements we shipped with the preview is a new example from Dav Glass, the Draggable Portal, which exercises a broad cross section of the preview’s contents.

The Portal Example in the YUI 3.0 preview release.

The Draggable Portal is a common design pattern in which content modules on the page can be repositioned, minimized, removed, and re-added to the page. The state of the modules persists in the background, so a reload of the page or a return to the page calls up the modules in their most recently positioned state. You see variations of this design pattern on many personlizable portals like My Yahoo, NetVibes, and iGoogle.

In this article, we’ll take a look under the hood of this example to get a richer sense of YUI’s 3.x codeline and the idioms and patterns it establishes. We’re just pulling out some specific code snippets to examine here, but you can review the full code source for this exampleand for 66 others — on the YUI 3 website.


(Via Yahoo! User Interface Blog.)