Mozilla Jetpack: Firefox Extensions with Added Thrust

Mozilla Jetpack: Firefox Extensions with Added Thrust: „Jetpack is a new experimental project from Mozilla that could revolutionize how Firefox browser extensions are built and deployed.


Jetpack’s primary aim is to make extension development and delivery even easier:

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript will be the only tools required. If you can code for the web, you can create a Jetpack widget.
  • Extensions will be streamed and accessed from a URL.
  • You can develop code directly in the browser using Bespin.
  • Installation and debugging is handled without restarting and uses common tools such as Firebug.
  • A lightweight and versioned API is provided.
  • An extendable set of toolkits and API libraries such as jQuery, Google Maps, Twitter and Delicious will be available.
  • An about:jetpack page shows installed extensions, source code, memory use and other useful tools.

Jetpack is available as a standard Firefox add-on which can be installed from the project page.

(Via SitePoint Blogs.)