Yet another one more thing… a new Web Inspector!

Yet another one more thing… a new Web Inspector!:

„As some of you saw last week at WWDC, we have a brand new version of the Web Inspector. We know that a lot people have found the current Web Inspector useful, and we have gotten a lot of feedback and sugestions about how to make it even better. And boy have we been listening! We have taken the current Web Inspector and have added a bunch of new features that you will find invaluable for web development:

  • Completely redesigned interface, no longer a transparent panel
  • Works with any WebView inside third-party applications, not just Safari
  • Supports docking to the inspected page
  • Shows all resources included by the page, sorted into categories
  • Global search through all text-based resources
  • Console to show errors and warnings with live JavaScript evaluation
  • Network panel showing resource load timeline along with HTTP request and response headers
  • Resource size and load time summary graph in the Network panel
  • Syntax highlighted HTML source
  • Inline JavaScript and HTML error reporting

We will be telling you in more detail about all of the great new features in future blog posts.

We have been working on this for a long time, but now we want to get the whole WebKit community involved with making this the best web development tool available. So show up in #webkit or on the mailing list and suggest new ideas or implement them yourself (remember everything is HTML, JavaScript and CSS)!

And there is one more thing… all of this new inspector goodness also works on Windows.

The new inspector is available in the Mac and Windows nightly builds.

New Web Inspector

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WordPress 2.2.1

WordPress 2.2.1: „

WordPress 2.2.1 is now available. 2.2.1 is a bug fix release for the 2.2 series. Since 2.2 was released a month ago, the WordPress community has been improving fit-and-finish by identifying and fixing those little bugs that can be so annoying and by fine-tuning some small details. The result is a nicely polished 2.2.1 release. The full list of bugs fixed in 2.2.1 is available here. Here are some highlights.

Unfortunately, 2.2.1 is not just a bug fix release. Some security issues came to light during 2.2.1 development, making 2.2.1 a required upgrade. 2.2.1 addresses the following vulnerabilities:

Special thanks to Alexander Concha for his continued assistance in making WordPress more secure. Special thanks also to Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software for his improvements to our XML-RPC implementation.

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Extensions: Static file publishing – 23000% speed gain and cooling the globe

Extensions: Static file publishing – 23000% speed gain and cooling the globe: „Interview with Michiel Roos about TYPO3 performance improvement using static file cache. During a 30+ minute interview and demonstration you will be introduced into the Dark Arts of optimizing TYPO3 performance using static files, mod_rewrite and mod_expires. Learn how to make your site 230 times as fast! Includes comparison of extensions doing more or less the same.

(Via TYPO3 Podcast.)