Presentation of KISD’s Intranet at the meeting of »Arbeitskreis Multimedia«

On tuesday, May 24th 2005 Richard Junkunz and I will give a presentation (German only, PDF 76 KB) about KISD’s Intranet at the meeting of the »Arbeitskreis Multimedia an Nordrhein-Westfälischen Fachhochschulen« at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne.

I did something similar together with Marian Steinbach at the »Usability-Stammtisch« of the UPA in Cologne. You can see our presentation (German only, PDF 1.692 KB) with some screenhots of the intranet. We also talked about our Intranet two years ago in Düsseldorf at the MKI. The presentation as PDF-file.

Internationalization in web applications

Last night I got an email from Apple with an invitation to take part in an Apple Store Survey. This mail and the related questionnaire again made me aware how important proper internationalisation (i18n) is. The survey itself was in German language, but the translation was somehow »bumpy«. Especially the footer was funny:

partial Apple Store Feedback Form

The button says »pass« – and that’s all. I expected something like »Submit your feedback« or »Submit now«. Of course it’s the only button in this form so one can imagine what it’s for. But nevertheless the usability suffers from this little bug.

Nice animation by Austrian design students

Marian pointed me to this wonderful animation (embedded QuickTime movie – about 23MB!).

The animation »Neben der Arbeit« (»Besides Work«) was made in April 2004 by Austrian design students Philipp Seifried, Patrick Sturm, Joachim Techt and Gernot Weinhandl who work together under the collective name of Kaffeemaschine. The client was an EU initiative for the integration of immigrants, handicapped people, women and long-time unemployed at the work-place. The film was produced to serve as an introduction at a conference.
Kaffeemaschine will soon put out its own website, showcasing other samples of its work. As soon as this happens, the link will be posted here.


Browsing my webserver access statistics I found an interesting bot entry and followed it to the website IconSurf seems to be a nice project to gather favicons. It creates unique hashes of all this little images to compare them with hashes already stored in the database. This feature allows to check if a favicon is used twice or even more.

Besides that it’s of course a hard way to visually compare all these icons.

»This website is intended as a resource for webmasters, consumers, and surfers. The icons displayed here are the favicon.ico files from a variety of websites. By clicking on any one icon you will be directed to the website which hosts the icon.«

SuSE relaunched their sites

I don’t know when, but German Linux distributor SuSE relaunched its website. Looks really »professional«, but with the major changes they made, some things are missing. You find no support link on the top level, but you have to choose a product first. You can’t click on the headlines, even if they have the same color as the links… hmmmm…
Then there is this country selector with a map you can’t cklick at (of course you should use the pull-down, but why do they show the map – I know the geographical position of Germany). Also the map is colored and makes you belive you made selection allready. See