Firefox 1.5 final has been released

Suddenly my Firefox RC2 told me to update … so it seems as if the final release is out now. It’s noticeable faster than the 1.0 release (at least on my machine). Hopefully the extension developers start to update the relevant stuff soon…

Update: It only seems to be RC3 – even if the »About Screen« tells something else.

WordPress 1.5 (updated)

I upgraded my blogging software to the latest release – now I use WordPress 1.5 »Strayhorn«. The upgrade was easy – there’s a good tutorial in the WP Wiki.

Since the system now makes use of Themes to extend the Templates the old design of my site is gone until I find some time to replace the default theme with my custom one.

Update: Since it is so easy to set up a basic theme, the site now looks like in WordPress 1.2 days.


I used a self programmed system to publish on this page for years now, but at the end it was too unflexible. I did’nt want to do a research for alternatives and I didn’t want to spend time on coding. But I remembered Gui Bonsiepe asking me something about »WordPress«. So I visited and just tried it.
I imported all my messages from the old system (I know SQL so that part was no problem) and did a template-redesign for my site (this was another long planned task…). Now my site is not even XHTML 1.0 compliant but also based on WordPress! So far I’m really happy with :wp:!

SuSE Linux 9.1 vs. Debian Sarge (updated)

We use Linux for a long time as an operating system for our servers. In the last eight years we always used SuSE Linux, since the 5.1 release. Even my desktop runs on SuSE Linux 9. Yesterday I decided to install Debian for no particular reason, maybe just out of curiosity.

I removed SuSE Linux 9.1 and installed Debian Sarge on our latest server (a dual Xeon) using the netinstall CD-ROM image. Of course it’s a testing release but the Debian team is testing for a long time now and I think it’s quite good.

My first impression on Sarge (compared to my bad Debian Woody experience) is very positive. The installation of the base system was easy and only took about 10 Minutes including re-partitioning of the disk array. The further installation process was easy, too. I will set up the system (as a server) the next days and compare this to the SuSE distribution. So far Debian Sarge seems to be very promising.

Update 1: So far everything worked very well. I set up the core mail services, SMTP / POP / IMAP with LDAP and SSL support, in about the same time as I did on SuSE Linux. There are at least as much helpful websites for mail service setup on Debian as I found for SuSE Linux. I noticed that the Debian core system in my configuration needs fewer space than SuSE Linux did.

Update 2: Things went very well! Our first Debian server (Sarge) has been very stable in all tests – and is now a production system and our mail exchanger. Migration will go on.

Update 3: Adding anti-virus and anti-SPAM services took some time but now all is up and running. There are good tutorials out there that provide all the information you need. Try this or this or this.