Safari 1.0

At the beginning of WWDC 2003 Apple released the final version of their web browser Safari. Safari 1.0 has some great improvements and performs very well – even on slow G3 Power Macs.

SuSE Linux, Sendmail and SMTP Auth

Did you ever try to get Sendmail (8.12.x) on SuSE Linux 8.1 accept autenticated SMTP sessions? It’s very easy – even with the out of the box versions of SASL and Sendmail! But if you try, it would be helpfull to know that you have to create a Sendmail-specific config file for SASL.
The file /usr/lib/sasl/sendmail.conf has to contain at least one valid method how Sendmail should check if the user and password are valid. In my case I use PAM and therefore it’s sufficient to have one line in it

    pwcheck_method: PAM

Allowed methods are sasldb, passwd, shadow, PAM, kerberos_v4 or pwcheck

The only thing you need if you use PAM is the corresponding file in /etc/pam.d/ which is in this case named smtp

Update: Today I found some helpful information about SMTP AUTH

For the lazy ones…

Recently I found »Youpi Key« for Mac OS X. And I like it very much! You can define certain keystrokes, actions and more and assign shortcuts to them. Now I can start all basic apps I need after login, open a browser and display all the websites I like, start background SSH port-forwarding for remote access and so on with just a few shortcuts ;-)