Presentation of KISD’s Intranet at the meeting of »Arbeitskreis Multimedia«

On tuesday, May 24th 2005 Richard Junkunz and I will give a presentation (German only, PDF 76 KB) about KISD’s Intranet at the meeting of the »Arbeitskreis Multimedia an Nordrhein-Westfälischen Fachhochschulen« at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne.

I did something similar together with Marian Steinbach at the »Usability-Stammtisch« of the UPA in Cologne. You can see our presentation (German only, PDF 1.692 KB) with some screenhots of the intranet. We also talked about our Intranet two years ago in Düsseldorf at the MKI. The presentation as PDF-file.

Internationalization in web applications

Last night I got an email from Apple with an invitation to take part in an Apple Store Survey. This mail and the related questionnaire again made me aware how important proper internationalisation (i18n) is. The survey itself was in German language, but the translation was somehow »bumpy«. Especially the footer was funny:

partial Apple Store Feedback Form

The button says »pass« – and that’s all. I expected something like »Submit your feedback« or »Submit now«. Of course it’s the only button in this form so one can imagine what it’s for. But nevertheless the usability suffers from this little bug.