WordPress 2.2.1

WordPress 2.2.1: „

WordPress 2.2.1 is now available. 2.2.1 is a bug fix release for the 2.2 series. Since 2.2 was released a month ago, the WordPress community has been improving fit-and-finish by identifying and fixing those little bugs that can be so annoying and by fine-tuning some small details. The result is a nicely polished 2.2.1 release. The full list of bugs fixed in 2.2.1 is available here. Here are some highlights.

Unfortunately, 2.2.1 is not just a bug fix release. Some security issues came to light during 2.2.1 development, making 2.2.1 a required upgrade. 2.2.1 addresses the following vulnerabilities:

Special thanks to Alexander Concha for his continued assistance in making WordPress more secure. Special thanks also to Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software for his improvements to our XML-RPC implementation.

(Via WordPress Development Blog.)

WordPress 1.5 (updated)

I upgraded my blogging software to the latest release – now I use WordPress 1.5 »Strayhorn«. The upgrade was easy – there’s a good tutorial in the WP Wiki.

Since the system now makes use of Themes to extend the Templates the old design of my site is gone until I find some time to replace the default theme with my custom one.

Update: Since it is so easy to set up a basic theme, the site now looks like in WordPress 1.2 days.