The Java Popup you Can’t Stop

„In his brand new blog, Giorgio Maone, known as the author of the NoScript security extension for Firefox, reveals how popup blockers can be easily circumvented using Java. Worse, popups opened this way are really evil, because they can be sized to cover the whole desktop (the wet dream of any phisher) and cannot be closed by user (the wet dream of any web advertiser). Impressive demos available, all cross-browser and cross-platform, in the best Java tradition: ‚Write once, hack anywhere‘ „


A new record

I did not read my email for two days – and when I checked it now, I had 473 UBE mails and 19 regular. One of the mailservers I recieve my mail from (about 210 mails for this period) registered about 1.500 UCE mails in this two days. This is only seven times more than I got, and with more than 700 mail accounts on this machine it seems as if I get the most spam on this server.