PHP Deployment mit Phing

Über die Zend Developer Site bin ich auf einen interessanten Artikel gestoßen. Das Thema »Deployment« ist für jeden Entwickler interessant, insbesondere immer wiederkehrende Updates. Währen ich hier schon mit Ant, SVN und PEAR experimentiert habe, wird in diesem Artikel von Nabeel Shahzad Phing ins Spiel gebracht:

This weekend, I started my server migration, over to Slicehost. It went well, now I’m running on a lean ‘n mean nginx install. As I was moving my Subversion repositories, I was dreading having to move all my shell scripts, which I used to build and deploy some of my applications (outlined in this post). I was thinking there had to be a better way, after all, Ruby has Capistrano, and though it can be used with PHP, I didn’t want to have to install Ruby, etc etc. After some searching (not much), I found Phing, which looked like exactly what I needed. Sweet!

Ganzer Artikel im Blog von Nabeel Shahzad.

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